(#452)Rainwater Quantification


1. How can we calculate the total quantity of rainwater being reused on site if the entire quantity of rainwater is being directed to the natural ponds already existing on site, part of which is being directed to WTP for re use?

2. How can we quantify the rainwater being recharged into the ground water aquifers?


1. The rainwater harvesting calculation for the ponds can be done by factoring the percolation rate, evaporation losses in the calculation.

8 2. Rainwater calculation can be done by factoring the size/number of recharging pits, percolation capacity of the soil, and peak hourly rainfall in the area, pre-monsoon ground water table and post-monsoon ground water table.

 3. The entire site has to be considered for the calculation, since the intent is to understand the impact of the development on the whole site.


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