What is the process of becoming Associate Member of GRIHA?

GRIHA Council offers membership opportunities to various individual and collective stakeholder groups that are associated with the building industry, whether it be directly (developers, contractors, designers, engineers, consultants etc.) or indirectly (product manufacturers, students, or the general public).

 The process of becoming Associate Member is available on the following link –


 Fees - Associate membership fee is Rs 2.5 Lakh (plus service tax) for the initial enrollment and 2 years membership; subsequent renewal shall be 1 Lakh for every 2 years.

 The associate membership of GRIHA has the following benefits :

 Registration fee waiver for a total of ten professionals to attend various GRIHA Programmes (tentative fee - around 10000 per participant)

 One speaking slot in one GRIHA programme (one day or three day)

 Two sets of complimentary GRIHA Manual.

 Promotion through the GRIHA website (brief write-up and links to websites of associate members shall be provided on the GRIHA website).

 Sharing of GRIHA logo for activities related to sustainable habitats.

 Facilitating project leads where ever possible.

 GRIHA Product Catalogue enlistment of two product lines (subjected to technical review of GRIHA Council, if the product meets GRIHA requirements).

Link - http://www.grihaindia.org/products-catalogue

 Additionally, the council can facilitate and conduct custom designed joint activities, keeping in mind the requirements of the member. Please note that, the cost towards organizing specific event/training/awareness Programmes shall be discussed on a case to case basis.


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